Motherhood struggles- How to survive tough days

Most women, including me, before getting pregnant and during pregnancy have a somewhat idealized image of motherhood. We are also influenced by social media where all mothers seem happy, they radiate contentment through every pore in their body, their babies are all smiles and well-behaved. And then, you become a mom yourself and you understand … Read moreMotherhood struggles- How to survive tough days

The main pregnancy hormones and how they make you feel

Pregnancy is the most wonderful period in a woman’s life. It’s also strange and frustrating and confusing and magical and amazing in all its glory. Yes, pregnancy is a roller coaster where you simply seem to lose control of your own body. But who’s in charge? Why, hormones, of course! Those pesky little chemicals that … Read moreThe main pregnancy hormones and how they make you feel

Breastfeeding tips for new moms

Pregnancy, as a whole, is such a magnificent and sometimes overwhelming experience, especially for a first time mom. The breastfeeding experience is usually one of the aspects that moms-to-be fret about. I know it was for me. The first thing that gave me sleepless nights and countless hours of online research was the birth process … Read moreBreastfeeding tips for new moms